Final Approach Motel design rendering Final Approach Motel pictures at Golden Guy Alley 2019

Final Approach Motel

Golden Guy Alley, BRC 2019
(7:15 & Echo)

Final Approach Motel is an immersive experience and micro-bar at Golden Guy Alley. A nuclear blast has wiped out mankind and this post-apocalyptic roach motel bar will serve the only survivors of the nuclear era, mutant cockroaches.

Guests will enter the 8' x 12' lobby and are checked in by cockroach staff. The bar serves 2-5 guests at a time and focuses on creating a memorable, intimate experience. The motel includes sound and lighting effects as well as costumes to achieve context, with cockroach staff members including bellhops, housekeeping, concierge, and the switchboard operator.

Mutant plants adorn the walls and corners, new strange blooms have appeared as the ice caps melted and released spores of long forgotten pollens, mutated even further by years of radiation. While our guests wait for their room to be ready, they will be met with paperwork before they're served a signature cocktail.

"We'll leave the
light off for you."

Because of the 2019 Burning Man theme, plenty of attendees will be dressed as cockroaches and will be excited to find our motel caters to their kind. #NoButterflies